SMTWF was honored to take 15 kids to the Atlanta Hawks basketball game February 2007. Special thanks to Atlanta Spirit for providing our organization with tickets to the game!
SMTWF Sponsored eight kids to attend the 2006 Festival of Trees at the Georgia World Congress Center.
SHE Girls (Showing the Way How through Education)
A program designated for young girls ages 12- 17.  The program is an eight week course consisting of 50 minute segments consisting of open discussions, workshops, and guest speakers.   The SHE Program stands for Showing the Way How through Education.  SMWF will analyze and interpret the emotional and psychological affects of AIDS on young teenage girls.  Speakers will encourage, educate, and offer mentorship to youth attending workshops.  By education then prevention will go forward and produce young people cautious to the dangers and alert to the responses of these actions on the body.
HOLLA BACK BOYS (Helping Others Live Life Affectively Because Actions Can Kill)
A program orchestrated in support of the emotional devastation that disreputably clouds young black males ages 12 – 17.  These young men are fathers driven by aimless hopes built on the frustration and anxiety of being HIV positive or without Guidance .  With HOLLA BACK BOYS program SMWF welcomes the candid and at times disturbing emotions of young boys dealing with AIDS, fear, depression, repression, and aggression.  These young boys will learn the attributes necessary to filter through emotions and psychological burdens as a result of former decisions, whether through unprotected sex or drug use.
Program Topics (SHE & Holla Back Boys)
I.A. Sex, Emotions, and Self Respect – Youth receive counseling and mentorship on building self esteem, and practical lessons on dealing with sex before marriage.  Youth will recognize the different stages of emotions.
B. Sex, Alcohol, and Respect – Teens will learn national and local data statistics on Alcohol and Sexual Misconduct or the influence of alcohol.  Students will hear experts and guest speakers that offer learned life lessons and information on Sex, Alcohol, and Respect in a one hour workshop scheduled weekly.
C. Sex, STDs and Honesty – Youth will recognize the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases and learn about Herpes, HIV, AIDS, Syphillis, Gonorrhea, Genital Warts, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Genital Herpes, Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Crabs or Public Lice, Hepatitus B, Serum Hepatitis, Nonspecific Urethritis (NSU), or Nongonoccal Urethritis.  By knowing the details of these diseases and learning how each destroys the body youth will be able to productively discern and make rational decision based on the circumstances of actions taken.
D. Sex, Pregnancy, and Responsibility – A real life teen couple will share their story on sex and the responsibilities.
E. Sex, HIV, and Compassion – Youth will listen at a workshop class to two adults infected and living with AIDS.  Youth will make the correlation of living
with AIDS in a normal way.
F. Sex, Love, and Healthy Choices – Teens will hear why others have chose abstinence.  After evaluating the results and rewards of living healthier and more responsible lives youth will accomplish more.
G. Sex, Limits, and Self Discipline – Beginning with self respect and discipline teens learn practical ways to handle sexual pressure.
H. Sex, Saying “NO” and Courage – Role playing allows students to use assertiveness in sharpening their skills.
Expected Results (SHE & Holla Back Boys)
Each program is six weeks long and will include a standard evaluation of results, lifestyle, and influence.
A. Teens learn how to express feelings openly with others
B. Teens realize the importance of a healthy way of life in acting on prevention method and practicing safe sex.
C. Individual results are measured by a Participant Data Analysis Form and Participant Enrollee Form.  Evaluations which will be conducted by SMTWF quarterly or four times a year and will involve participation and communication with parents.
Methods of Evaluation (SHE & Holla Back Boys)
A. Monthly meetings will be held between President, Board Members, and Staff including a Report.
B. The Director of Programming will record programs and attendance rates among youth and parents.
C. A signature interview will be conducted where a social worker or trained professional will consult with parents to determine the emotional status of the child and how the family copes in living with AIDS and HIV.  Sessions are optional and will include two hours per week for 90 days.  Parents may decide to continue session at a later time.
D. Youth will participate in educational evaluation, some of which will be taped by video, audio, or both to determine learning ability, knowledge acquired, application skills, and understanding to increase support of sponsorship.
E. The psychological and emotional health of youth will be accessed after six months of participation.
F. Evaluate the demographics of the audiences reached by the media coverage received after participation by parents and students.
G. Analyze the content of coverage to determine the various messages that are reported.
H. A Feedback Sheet will be given to parents to gain knowledge of success rate emotionally, differences of parent/ child communication.
Each year programs are evaluated and the number of students in each program recorded.  In past years these documents are recorded in order to ensure quality assurance.

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